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Case 1

Rebuilt  engine, transmission, torque converter for CAT D9R

  • Customer requires power train components for planned components replacement ON CAT D9R dozer. Components are due for change-out within the next 60 days. Budgeted cost of replacement components is $150,000.
  • Four main options were considered by the management team:
    1. Purchase new or reman components from OEM Dealer;
    2. Roll onto the dealer’s Planned Components Changeout Program to carry out removal, reconditioning and reinstallation of the components;
    3. Purchase components through the dealer’s service exchange program;
    4. Rebuild components on-site.
  • Cappella International offered a completely Rebuilt D9R Engine, Torque Converter and Transmission to fit the serial number of D9R Dozer; dyno tested - drop-in ready. Components were rebuilds with genuine Caterpillar parts. The quality of the rebuilding process is same as the Caterpillar reman process. All the components come with 12 months warranty and 24 months/4000 hours for the rotating parts of the engine. The components are available within 14 days after payment. The total cost of components was $143K
  • Having considered all the option the customer went for Capella’s offer due to shorter lead time and lower cost when compared to the OEM. The warranty and after sales support of Capella is provided by the local service team based out of Takoradi.

Case 2

Rebuilt CAT C32 engines supplied to a client on Ghana

  • The gold mine in Burkina had an unanticipated failure of one of the 777F trucks. OEM Reman and new engines were not available for outright purchase anywhere in the world at that moment.
  • The options were few: a) Place an order for new engine and wait for 8 weeks. A backup truck would have to be rented for this period.  b) Remove the engine, strip, order parts  and do the rebuild on site. c) Purchase same as new component from a CAT certified rebuild Center.
  • Capella offered to supply a CAT C32 Engine to fit a Caterpillar 777F Dump Truck. Complete engine rebuilt from a  Caterpillar Certified Rebuild Centre with original Caterpillar parts , dyno tested. Two years / 4000 hours warranty for rotating parts applicable.
  • Considering the Capella’s commitment to quality and efficiency, the client decide to purchase a rebuilt C32 which is currently working in one of the Africa’s mines. The C32 engines for 777F trucks are always available from our stock.

Case 3

Vintage CAT 3412 engine was "built to order” for an old 773B water bowser

  • Mining contractor in West Africa decided to give a second life to its retired water truck built on the back of CAT 773B chassis. Due to global demand, it is almost impossible to source these engines at short notice. 
  • The owner considered rebuilding an old engine in-house, sending it to a certified rebuild center, have an engine built to order overseas or purchase a “good used” engine taken out of some old machinery. Historically, the in-country rebuild cost of such engines which has run over 25,000 hours is higher than the price of a new component. 
  • Eventually the client instructed the  Capella International to built an engine and ship it by sea freight for the sake of cost saving. A few weeks later the engine was tested on the dynamometer  test bench, packaged and shipped to the client from Baltimore, USA. 
  • Efficiency is a key ingredient for a successful mining operation and Capella values are above all others in regards to component rebuilding to improve operational efficiency. Every piece of rebuilt components from Capella delivers superior productivity and reliability.  In this and many other cases, our engine was delivered and commissioned on time. To the great pleasure of our client and ours, the old but hold 773B is seen on the road every day, making the open pit mine a safer place to work.


  • Your components are built exactly to your specifications and delivered to you just in time, no need to carry a stock of spare engines on the job site. Building the engines just before they are installed on the machine eliminates the risk of problems caused by improper storage practices. While engines are kept in stock for an extended period, they are exposed to high humidity which is harmful to the precision parts like fuel injectors. Also, rubber seals may dry out over time becoming harder and more brittle.
  • Rebuilt engines and powertrain components provide same-as-new reliability and performance at a fraction of the cost while reducing the impact on the environment
  • We use only genuine spare parts.
  • Our engines have all the latest factory updates and modifications
Rebuilding or reconditioning is a viable alternative to the replacement of your old trusted CAT machine, which is close to an end of its useful life. We perform Complete Power Train overhaul to give your machine a second life.If you are looking to purchase an engine or to exchange your old cores, please get in touch.
All our components are built with original parts only, unless instructed by our client to use the good quality alternatives.



Cost of having your engine rebuilt is considerably lower than that of brand new engine. For instance the our CAT 32 engine for 777F rigid dump truck cost … 000 USD which is …% lower than the cost of new engine from OEM dealer.


All our rebuilt engines come with unprecedented 24 months / 4000 hours warranty for rotating parts* (link to Warranty Terms and Conditions).


Our service team in Ghana, which is based at Secondi-Takoradi, will take care of initial start up, warranty support and any other technical issues.


No matter which part of the world you are in, your order will be shipped by normal sea freight at no cost* (Terms and conditions apply).

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